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About Wiki Impact

With a heart and a purpose to make a difference in the world through research, data validation, and a compelling narrative, Wiki Impact is a non-profit social enterprise that promotes change-driven organizations. Wiki Impact strives to enable organizations and changemakers to better understand the impact industry and social issues, get involved and be a part of the solution.

  • Through a digital solution, help organizations utilize comprehensive data to support evidence in the impact industry that can guide their change-making journey.
  • Through a user-friendly web application, collaborate with changemakers to increase awareness on a wide range of social issues and allow them to utilize the data and stories on Wiki Impact to strengthen their work, develop credibility, promote awareness, and locate talent.
  • Produce a web application with minimal inefficiencies and provide a seamless experience to users with a compelling web application that allows users to access the information conveniently.

An all-inclusive web application catering to the requirements of Wiki Impact, enabling users to access information and drive engagement conveniently.

We at Rootcode took a steadfast technique to the design, development, and quality assurance to ensure a superior web application with minimal drawbacks was produced for our clients within the allotted three weeks. A key focus element throughout the project was to provide Wiki Impact users with an exceptional user experience and help them utilize the plethora of information available on the web application efficiently.

We successfully launched and revamped the Wiki Impact website, which served as an easier and more accessible pathway to their users. With regular testing, upgrades, and updates to the web application, we are able to constantly evolve and heed our client’s needs. The Rootcode team is very proud to contribute to the wave of transformation created through wiki impact with their impact-driven initiatives across the globe.

Terence Ooi
Co-Founder - Wiki Impact
Working with Rootcode has been a marvellous experience. The team took time to understand the impact industry and build the software solution that met our requirements. The team was also on stand-by for anything we needed, even after the launch.
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